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FIBA standard Electro Hydraulic Height Adjustable Basketball Stand

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FIBA standard Electro Hydraulic Height Adjustable Basketball Stand

1.Proffecinal competition hydraulic basketball stand
2.FIBA standard
3.Padding protect the post
4.Warranty:5 years
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Size: 72” x 42" x 1/2” regulation size

Material: tempered glass

Backboard frame: Aluminum edge with steel reinforcement.

Glass To Frame Mounting: Mechanically encased in channel with rubber gasket

Rim Mounting Type: Through glass using grommets. No pressure on glass.

Backboard Padding: Included. Custom fitted weather resistant polyurethane-skinned 2 thick high-impact padding with molded steel inserts for mounting. Pre-installed



Pole Size: 8" x 6" with 3/16" (7 gauge, 4.76mm) thickness

Steel Type: Structural (mild) carbon steel with .29% carbon and a density of 7.85 g/cm3

Pole / Gusset Padding: Custom fitted weather resistant vinyl covering with 1" thick high-impact padding

Flanged Base: 11.8" x 11.8" x ½" self-leveling


Flanged Base Holes: Oblong allowing you to square by twisting


Height Adjustment

Adjustable From: Anywhere between 5' 6" and 10'


Adjustment handle height from base: 2'


Anchor and Pier

J-Bolt Count: 4

J-Bolt Size: 5/8" diameter 18" long


J-Bolt Material: Stainless steel


Warranty:5 years

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